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Welcome to the official website of Arpan Mukherjee, an accomplished artist and pedagogue based in Santiniketan, India. With a profound passion for printmaking and a keen interest in interdisciplinary practices, Arpan's artistic journey has greatly influenced photographic practice in India.

Arpan Mukherjee, a post-graduate in printmaking from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, since 2001, has dedicated himself to creating art and nurturing the next generation of artists. As an associate professor in the Department of Graphic Art at Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, Arpan shares his expertise and experiences, fostering creativity among his students.

Arpan draws inspiration from diverse realms, connecting history with chemistry and photography with impression-taking. His experimental works transcend boundaries and push artistic expression to new limits. By exploring materials and recontextualizing past discoveries, Arpan breathes life into his creations, offering viewers a unique perspective.

Arpan's artistic practice revolves around thought-provoking ideas, often expressed through satirical means. His works serve as powerful social critique, shedding light on pressing issues and sparking conversations. Arpan challenges norms and presents alternative perspectives, encouraging viewers to question and reflect upon the world.

Within these pages, a glimpse into Arpan Mukherjee's creative universe. Explore his interdisciplinary portfolio, showcasing experimental works and thought-provoking themes. Gain insights into his artistic process and the inspiration behind each piece.

Join Arpan Mukherjee on his artistic journey as he continues to challenge conventions, explore new frontiers, and ignite conversations through captivating and socially conscious works.

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