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Our Space Their Space 

From 2008 to 2012, I frequently visited Bangalore, which was rapidly emerging as India's IT hub. The city was experiencing tremendous growth, characterized by ongoing infrastructural development and visible transformations. As I observed these changes, I noticed how the familiar aspects of the city were being altered before our eyes.

Amidst the rapid urbanization, I witnessed middle-class homes, small apartments, and the cosy breakfast corner by the street. The presence of the old Nagalingam tree and the diverse community added to the unique identity of the locality, where everyone coexisted harmoniously.

However, the relentless expansion of the city seemed to disregard individual identities, as if the goal was to standardize everything. It was against this backdrop that I embarked on a personal project. With my newly constructed house already in place, I documented my private spaces. The intention was to capture the comfort and uniqueness of my personal cornar in contrast to the standardized constructions that were erasing private spaces throughout the city.

Equipped with a digital camera, I meticulously photographed my surroundings. Additionally, I utilized a homemade Afghan box camera to capture the essence of my private spaces. These moments were then immortalized on paper using the gum bichromate printmaking process, preserving the authenticity of my comfortable sanctuary amidst the changing urban landscape.

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