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গোলা ভরা ধান: Gola Vora Dhan
(Storage filled with paddy )
 (Ongoing long-term project, salt print on handmade rice paper, panoramic salt/albumen print, gum dichromate on paper, waxed paper negative, collodion glass plate negatives.)

My artistic practice is deeply rooted in my personal experience of migration from rural to urban Bengal in the 1980s, a phenomenon that has significantly impacted my work. Through my images, I explore themes of dislocation, displacement, and the search for a new sense of home. By revisiting the same places over time, I create layered narratives that incorporate personal and collective memories, while highlighting the isolation and struggle that are often a part of the migrant experience.

One of the key elements of my work is the insertion of images of my family within the frame, which serves to create a sense of continuity and belonging across time. My images are imperfect, often bearing the marks of the organic chemicals and printing processes used to create them. These imperfections serve as a reminder of the uniqueness and complexity of the human experience, and the fact that no two moments can ever be exactly the same.

Throughout my practice, I have experimented with a variety of techniques and visual elements, often incorporating defects, technical errors, and intentional scratches to create a sense of texture and depth. Ultimately, my work is a testament to the power of personal experience and memory, and the ways in which they shape our understanding of the world around us.

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