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লাল ধুলোর ছবি : Images of Red Dust
A series of pinhole photographs 

Explore the intriguing red dust of Barbil, the fifth-largest iron ore mining town globally, through this stunning series of pinhole photographs. Created using a custom-made iron box pinhole camera and X-ray film, the project showcases six unique pinhole cameras that were used to document the town's age-old iron mining industry with a rudimentary photographic process.

As iron is the primary material of human civilization, the pinhole camera reflects the fundamentals of photography, making it the perfect medium to capture the essence of Barbil. The redness in the air of Barbil inspired the idea of incorporating red iron ore dust into the prints. These captivating photographs were printed using a gum bichromate process, with iron ore pigment incorporated into the print, resulting in a mesmerizing visual representation of the town's character.

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